Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nah..haiii....selama ini juak-juak pembangkang menuduh para blogger Kerajaan adalah blogger lucah ataupun porno. Tetapi apa yang MKT hendak dedahkan, blogger pembangkang pun sebenarnya lagi lucah dan porno dari blogger Kerajaan.

Buktinya, sebuah blogger pro Pakatan Rakyat iaitu suarakeadilanmalaysia. wordpress.com telah memuat naik gambar-gambar lucah dan ianya berunsur fitnah kepada Ketua Beliawanis MCA.

Tu dia...2 kesalahan dalam satu tuduhan. Pertama sudah upload gambar-gambar lucah dan yang keduanya pula memfitnah. 

Hebat!! Memang hebat juak-juak Pakatan Rakyat ini.

Among the many promises in the Barisan Alternatif (BA) general election manifesto for 2008, both PAS and PKR (which had excluded DAP from BA) had pledged to “give allowances to eligible single mothers” under the section “Rakyat’s Social and Welfare.” That poster depicting the portraits of PKR’s Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim smiling broadly when posing together with controversy provocateur sacked PAS Commissioner Dato’ Dr Hasan Ali which is easily available online also featured a pledge to “encourage youths and young women to do business with minimum rent…” and “conduct programmes to enable the poor to obtain an income higher than the poverty line.”
However, as expected the PKR-led state government reneged on their words when the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) demolished 29 stalls at Kompleks Muhibbah’s open space in Section 24. Five of these stalls are better known to the neighbourhood as “single mum” stalls, operated by single mothers who are collectively known as Anggerik Wawasan Single Mother’s Club. The stalls provided a source of income for single mothers, some of whom were abused by their husbands and had nowhere else to turn to.
Arrogance reigned when the Shah Alam Mayor refused to meet or hear the appeals of the Club’s representatives.READMORE http://mypicturevideo.wordpress.com/2012/04/05/for-pulverizing-mca-beliawanis-tee-hooi-ling-exposes-her-boob-to-najib-for-a-seat-in-g13/

P/S dari MKT : MKT tidak edit hatta satupun ayat mahupun perkataan dari blogger ini. Nilaikanlah sendiri...

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